Monday, October 19, 2009

a glossy, blushy, powedered vent out

a glossy, blushy, powedered vent out

It gets on my nerves how some girls are fond of wearing a crap load of make up on daily basis.
Oh well , what do I know anyway ? I must be just jealous of the fulfillment caused by going out everyday to school/work wearing on what might be considered bridal make up, and then going back home and taking it off ( that IF this happened and they didn't just keep caking on layers) and hate the face i have underneath it !

I'm pretty certain the make up is something feminine, beautiful and makes you look shinier, but i happen to stick to this only when it's applied reasonably.

Everyone is beautiful on their own way, smacking your face with a ridiculous lot of cosmetics definitely isn't one, let alone the long term damage these things cause

I'm done


Saturday, October 17, 2009

All growed up

All growed up

I've always pointed my finger and laughed at "adults" who whined way too much when not getting the proper attention on their birthdays. Apparently, i had to taste my own bitter medicine to know how it feels and it sucks bad when the people you care more about their birthdays than themselves won't even bother do drop a greeting.

I was about to vent out to FML, lol ! Till i stood realizing that i just reached the age where i just grew ruthless , i no longer care .. Actually when i got a big load of messages on Facebook , my only response was : Gifts or GTFO, so i guess it's clear.

The only wish i can make for the days to come is to fall in the least amount of troubles. :\