Sunday, May 29, 2011

في إحدى الحضانات.

في إحدى الحضانات.

"المدرّس الشرس" الذي ضرب 25 طفلاً في حضانة مصرية

I couldn't bear to see the video screenshot again, that's why I only posted a link

I wonder why there's still no law to have teachers go under a psychological health examination before taking off teaching kids, especially when the ages they're supposed to be "teaching" and "taking care of" are this young and sensitive.

But apparently, anyone who agreed to hire this psychopath, needs to be examined as well, so that shows how deteriorated the situation is.

What makes me wonder even more, are the people who actually film this kind of crap, and so proudly post it online, what the frack is so entertaining about 4-5 year old children begging for mercy that is not in anyway given to them, not from the monster who is abusing them in the name of teaching, not from the animals recording this video which can't be considered anything less than a crime, and even when they get back to their homes to find relief from all this suffering they get to go through when they shouldn't even be hearing about, they go back to parents - who according to the article- don't have any problem with what's occurring in that trash shaped kindergarten.

So , 2 more groups in need of serious help.

Reading the comments, some people justify this by saying that they've experienced the worst when they were young attending public schools and they turned out fine, especially that this could be the only way to deal with some students, so the video content isn't much.
Ok, so,, I got hit by a bus and turned out fine, I should throw my kids on the street and let them experience it to prove my point ?
This does not even qualify for a justification, this does not even qualify for an opinion.
I have attended public schools in Jordan, and I know this actually does happen, but thank God - and unlike some people- I have enough rationality and intelligence to know that if it's happening that does not make it acceptable, I know the emotional and mental scarring these experiences can cause, just ask anyone who was humiliated once or no matter how many times by a teacher in high school and listen to how bitter they sound when telling the story, imagine children who have not reached the age that allows them to tell the story properly.

So to those people, congratulations, you'll be joining the other groups in the same category, I don't think you'll mind it TBH.

This is sickening, by all means, it's awful enough to see child abuse, but to see it recorded, enjoyed, intentionally shared as entertainment material and agreed upon, is just too much to take.

I know that if I ever have children, I will seriously go "Egyptian KG teacher" on anyone who comes near them  , be it abusive language or even daring to touch them, I can't imagine how people would have the heart to let something like this happen to their own children.

As for that idiot, I'm not wasting my breath by praying for him to rot in hell, that's probably happening anyway. 


Saturday, May 28, 2011



I hate it when i intentionally turn down a pretty purchase, and then when it crosses my mind for whatever reason I start whining on how much of an idiot I was by not getting it, always happens. always will..

Being in large malls or stores freaks me out for a reason, I get the feeling that they're designed like that for a reason : pushing the consumer around and forcing them to buy things whether they want those products or not
* That ginormous roof is staring into my soul*

That's why I decided to have some self control when I walk into these stores especially if they're ones I actually like, but the last couple of times I did this, I thought it back and wished those forces were stronger than I was enough to let me buy those things.

they are

an awesome feather ring that looks almost exactly like the one above but in silver, that wasn't an issue for me until I started craving things that had feathers on them.

but then..
The Tamagotchi

I don't know what kind of  idiocy took over the moment i decided NOT to get one when since the moment I have heard of them I have wanted to get my hands on one, I do have several portable game devices, but this is just too awesome to miss out on.

Dear Self : let yourself go next time, I already forgive you for being the push over of corporate agendas.

Friday, May 20, 2011



I always believed, and probably forever will do, that Amman is the most beautiful city in the world, every single inch of it is astounding in it's own way and color, and my dear and amazingly talented friend, knew well , how prove me right.

Even with all colors washed out, you managed to be beautiful ..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

.this is how I troll

.this is how I troll

I surf forums, blogs, vlogs and whatnot on daily basis. As I do, I notice that there are people who are just so sad, sad enough to put such great effort into putting people down. I blogged about this earlier, but whatever.

Don't like a blog ? Don't read it
Don't like a video ? Don't watch it

Why drain bandwidth anyway ?

It's just nauseating,you're on your way to post a comment on an interesting entry and all you see is " you're ugly " uhmm, seriously ? Bet you enjoyed that as much as you did throwing the chances of having a real life into the dumpster.

Worst case is when the person being cyber-bullied is a teenager, I have to admit a lot of those kids should have their computers taken away from them for posting crap they can't even realize the meaning of for everyone else to see, but they'll seem far more mature than the morons attacking them non-stop.

It's just despicable, some of those bloggers/vloggers work actually several days to put together an entry especially those who rely on them to provide a decent income, I can't imagine what they have to put up with when after all the hard work some idiot comes along to hurl word shaped mental vomit.

beh :\ 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

. heartaching

. heartaching

Beautiful ~ "I will take my grandma back to her home", he said.
This was taken at the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine on May 15th, 2011, 63 years after she was forced to leave her home.

It is very terrorizing and threatening for you to dream, or to shout out demanding your simplest rights, apparently , according to Israel.

So that justifies them killing unarmed protesters in Gaza and the Syrian Golan heights.

   I too, am very tired..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

.little seedlings of hope

.little seedlings of hope

When i was almost 10 years old, I decided to take off agriculture and see how that'll turn out, for no reason other than having too much time on my hands at that time and wanting to fill it with something useful, which is surprising, giving that now, I'm doing the exact opposite.
However, that didn't last long, everyone sure knew how bring me down by convincing me that I should seriously give it up since the soil i was planting in was layered above sub cement ( jeez ), and thanks to the abundance of worms that lead me to having an unbelievable fear of them till this very day, the looks of those earth worms are not meant to be forgotten :'(

I completely forgot about planting anything there, i knew i planted a lot and as a child it's either instant results or it didn't happen.

One seed in particular though, which location I so specifically remember, managed to make it, and it grew so beautifully, in the past couple of years I ignored it because the child that apparently didn't follow the path the seed took to grow up, was thinking : either gigantic tree, or it didn't happen.

But this gorgeous peach tree, is now screaming : you don't want to come closer, your loss, it's so beautiful, and I'm very pleased :)

Look !

And for 63 years now, a holy tree that was planted in our hearts and will forever grow, has been stolen, and is craving light, not from sunshine, but fire, knowing that it's the only way to take back what's rightfully ours.

God bless you Palestine, my everlasting love ..

نهار العصر ثوار 
وأحلام يزينها دم الزيتون والغار 

Friday, May 6, 2011

. it can too, get much worse !

. it can too, get much worse !

Monday noon, I got out of one awful oral surgery, the -still ongoing- pain is just unbearable, it's been days since i have slept or eaten anything..

Later that day, as I was wishing I had thought through going with surgery, I started to question if this could get any worse,,

phone rang, got the news : your uncle died

so yeah, have hope if you thought bad things in your life would stop at one point, they won't

May your soul rest in peace and be granted immortality in paradise.