Friday, August 28, 2009

iBlog, iNeglectMyBlog !

iBlog, iNeglectMyBlog !

Horribly, back for a couple of seconds then away for a couple of decades. And it'll probably happen this time too, school's back in no time, Ramadan's business is here and (not that I'm complaining) our family is getting bigger with more connections now, so Ramadan's feasts are thrice the burden they were last year, but fun while they last.

The main reason i was actually back here and subscribing to blogs :D is being informed that one of my idols in digital art now has her own beautiful space on blogspot ! Check her page at
brilliance !

Also i have to say that the first blog i checked when i landed here was Aladdin's , so fee3 :P

I'm posting this photo here instead of uploading it on my flickr account why ? Because my yahoo mail has been hacked by some sleazy teenage dating site or whatever ! now the only email address i consider formal is ..poof !

Ramadan Kareem to whoever passes by <3