Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.a yummy photo post

I feel that with most places (with few exceptions coming to mind) it's always not easily possible for a certain restaurant/cafe/joint to offer excellent choices from all categories, which is why i like experimenting with different places in order to narrow down my choices and make it easier for me and my company to enjoy a nice treat and satisfactory service.

In Irbid specifically, you need thorough excavation work to find a decent place that covers your needs at at least one category and from few aspects, if it's not the quality of the orders that is terrible, it's the service, if not that, the atmosphere is dreadfully uncomfortable,, and so on.

One of the very few places that stand out (in my opinion) is a small Café with a very cute and creative name, called Wake Cup, the place serves breakfast dishes, hot and cold drinks, and also desserts.

The first thing that caught my eye was the interior of the place, it's very relate-able to an old pub, with hard wood furniture and floors that gave a cozy yet pleasant feeling.

Another pro to the place is the fact that it is not so popular thus not over crowded 24/7, once any space is overcrowded in Irbid, the owners might as well say their prayers.

Other than that, everything is supper scrumptious and the service is great and the staff is friendly, that gives it a gold star in my book :). 


Mr.KOOZ said...

mish 6aygich ani 3ala fikrah .. u___u

wain beje ha6' el ma5ooth 5anni aroo7 3alih? ..

willa 5ayfeh yseer over crowded .. -___-'

Wafa' said...

@Mr.KOOZ: No, you'll flood it by looking at it >:(

Mr.KOOZ said...

i won't .. i promise .. :'(