Monday, May 5, 2008

I beg to DIFFER !

Why do people always look for their clones when it comes to love ? and why does it seem so strange if you tell anyone that you look for someone who's nearly your opposite in many things?

Searching for the significant other , must we really look for someone with our exact same interests and taste ? things that are skin deep and we forget what goes deep to the bones , understanding , respect and mutual admiration ..?

I might be wrong , but i believe that a relation is more interesting when people differ , if you share the same things with another person you'll be please at first , but in a while it'll get very boring , and it could be the things you share and not deep feelings , but when you bond with a person with a different lifestyle you learn from them , everyday you find something new about them that makes you love them even more , i have friends with no slight resemblance between us , yet if you ever listen to any conversation we have, we always manage to finish each others sentences , if i did something , they were already planning to do it !

It's not always about being identical twins :D it's all about understanding , and after all ,humans communicate to exchange ideas , not to look at reflections of their own


DarkWhite said...

you'll be please at first , but in a while it'll get very boring

i was just talking about this thing before a couple of day's walla...

it would be better if there is some differents between you and him... donno why... but it's better in my opinion..


Wafa' said...

Daaaaark ! is it you :ch: just a couple of days ago i was telling my sister how much I've missed you ahlan ahlan !

i came across man people and asked them what they like in their friends or loved ones , "we share the same interests" aren't you afraid that what you enjoy is just having the same interests and that one day you'll get bored of repetition and look for something new , unexpected things are the best

Thanks for passing by ya sadeqe

DarkWhite said...

unexpected things are the best

unexpected things! that's wut am talkin' about... you need to get something new between you and her or between you and him from a time to time..

and u'll feel the difference..

poprage said...

كل شيء قسمه و نصيب

بس كلامك صح, ابعد عن الي زيك

خد اشي مختلف

Wafa' said...

Dark : ys3do ana elly byfham 3alai :D

i hope all expected and unexpected moments in your life be precious :flora:

Poprage : الواحد يادوب طايق حاله ، على شان يجيب نسحة تانية ؟


DarkWhite said...

You too fofo :p

Wedad... said...


if they share the same interests hatha la ya3ni eno mafeesh understanding , respect or mutual admiration.

donno msh fahma esh elle ta3bek bel mawdoo3 :P

Wafa' said...

Wedad walek habla ba3ref :101: bs enno understanding is far more important than these things

jay 3la bali asha3ber , elek 3nde :\ ?