Monday, October 19, 2009

a glossy, blushy, powedered vent out

It gets on my nerves how some girls are fond of wearing a crap load of make up on daily basis.
Oh well , what do I know anyway ? I must be just jealous of the fulfillment caused by going out everyday to school/work wearing on what might be considered bridal make up, and then going back home and taking it off ( that IF this happened and they didn't just keep caking on layers) and hate the face i have underneath it !

I'm pretty certain the make up is something feminine, beautiful and makes you look shinier, but i happen to stick to this only when it's applied reasonably.

Everyone is beautiful on their own way, smacking your face with a ridiculous lot of cosmetics definitely isn't one, let alone the long term damage these things cause

I'm done



NasEr said...

reminds me of a "friend" who we ALL once thought should talk to her about the massive amounts of make up on her face everyday 365 days/year ,I volunteered to pop the subject n her 1st reaction was "aish????? ana???????? too much makeup ???? are u serious??" :/

ps : ya3ne Qwaider button 3a rasi w 3aine,bas in the "about" section ? loooooooool ..seems like u're not finding this layout edit easy at all :d

Wafa' said...

They're always in denial , and their denial takes the form "el 7elweh 7elwe fyo w bedoon" NOT TRUE :\

LOL i knew you'd comment on that w7yat Allah ! i told you i'm finding it hard , balki 3melto hl2 :)

Crimson^ said...

Foof u r Tagged.. check my blog