Sunday, May 29, 2011

في إحدى الحضانات.

"المدرّس الشرس" الذي ضرب 25 طفلاً في حضانة مصرية

I couldn't bear to see the video screenshot again, that's why I only posted a link

I wonder why there's still no law to have teachers go under a psychological health examination before taking off teaching kids, especially when the ages they're supposed to be "teaching" and "taking care of" are this young and sensitive.

But apparently, anyone who agreed to hire this psychopath, needs to be examined as well, so that shows how deteriorated the situation is.

What makes me wonder even more, are the people who actually film this kind of crap, and so proudly post it online, what the frack is so entertaining about 4-5 year old children begging for mercy that is not in anyway given to them, not from the monster who is abusing them in the name of teaching, not from the animals recording this video which can't be considered anything less than a crime, and even when they get back to their homes to find relief from all this suffering they get to go through when they shouldn't even be hearing about, they go back to parents - who according to the article- don't have any problem with what's occurring in that trash shaped kindergarten.

So , 2 more groups in need of serious help.

Reading the comments, some people justify this by saying that they've experienced the worst when they were young attending public schools and they turned out fine, especially that this could be the only way to deal with some students, so the video content isn't much.
Ok, so,, I got hit by a bus and turned out fine, I should throw my kids on the street and let them experience it to prove my point ?
This does not even qualify for a justification, this does not even qualify for an opinion.
I have attended public schools in Jordan, and I know this actually does happen, but thank God - and unlike some people- I have enough rationality and intelligence to know that if it's happening that does not make it acceptable, I know the emotional and mental scarring these experiences can cause, just ask anyone who was humiliated once or no matter how many times by a teacher in high school and listen to how bitter they sound when telling the story, imagine children who have not reached the age that allows them to tell the story properly.

So to those people, congratulations, you'll be joining the other groups in the same category, I don't think you'll mind it TBH.

This is sickening, by all means, it's awful enough to see child abuse, but to see it recorded, enjoyed, intentionally shared as entertainment material and agreed upon, is just too much to take.

I know that if I ever have children, I will seriously go "Egyptian KG teacher" on anyone who comes near them  , be it abusive language or even daring to touch them, I can't imagine how people would have the heart to let something like this happen to their own children.

As for that idiot, I'm not wasting my breath by praying for him to rot in hell, that's probably happening anyway. 



Rain said...

jd jd I can't believe people actually try to justify child abuse
SICK SICK SICK that is all I have to say!

Wafa' said...

The rose in protests against the system that put him in jail, and demanded a re-opening for the kindergarten. Major WTF