Sunday, January 6, 2013

.new year's resolutions..

1- Update this abandoned warehouse more often: it is so neglected that owls are living here.

I say this approximately every year or two, and I end up forgetting that this place exists. Its mostly as i get caught up with things that are more defining to my future than my online diary that no one ever cares about.
But I still feel contained in it, it's my little sanctuary where I can keep secrets and tell them at the same time, hopefully I will be encouraged to update it if I follow the next resolution.

2- Take more pictures.

Dear self: please put up with the camera you have despite the fact that you want another one, what you have is good enough and even better than what most people have, especially Canon users. Take enough pictures and maybe that will be a good reason for you to get an update.

And do it quick, this weather is gorgeous.

3-Format the closet: you've already started miss foof, well done.

Embrace the apparel that you like, and to hell with whatever anyone else thinks.

4- Take more self portraits: while you're doing the above two.
Especially those OOTD photos, I like them a lot. Try to gain the confidence it takes for these pictures to be posted.

5- Fear of anything; begone!

6- Redecorate your bedroom: just try to maintain its tidiness and cleanness  and then move on to the next step.

7- Disconnect from the outer world: as strange as it may sound, I should seriously start doing this, turning off all IM possibilities, turning off my phone, taking a day or two off of work. People are the worst of distractions and sometimes I need to get them out of the way for a little bit.

8 - Give ultimatums, and see who takes them seriously :).

9- Start a reasonable diet and join the gym

10- Learn something new, whatever that would be...


A.Q.Jamhawi said...

"especially Canon users" ..
nigga! you're gonna regret that, savvy? :k:
"4- Take more self portraits:"
just stay away from duck-faces, savvy?
damn you! in every post of yours i have to use the translator, would speak "normal" English please -__-'

on a serious note: Go Go foof, wa na7no kollona mn wara2ek .. :sofera: