Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm What's Happening !

I'm What's Happening !

I, Foof, hereby declare a war on every last one of those -people- with unexplainable , intolerable EGO , which results them patronizing and looking down at all God's might or tiny creations, and believe that they are big shots even if everyone else can clearly see that they - due to that ego- are complete nothings.

and I am no way against being confident, as a matter of fact, I look up to those who have faith in themselves and the steps they take, but i certainly despise douche bags / baguettes


Saturday, June 12, 2010

أنتِ زَهر العُمرْ

أنتِ زَهر العُمرْ

Oh how i love this lady ! She's probably the only singer in this entire world who could pour the beats of a heart into a song, never mind that she doesn't actually write the songs, but she's the one presenting them to ears thirsty for that voice that is beyond any description that could ever be written.

As i listen to Fairouz, I teach my heart new words of love and joy, I teach myself words to express how i feel and could never think of writing on my own , not in a gazillion years.

No matter how many current singers try to follow in her footsteps ( and they are many ! ) i don't think they will ever reach where she's at, she actually crafted that mountain and the way to it..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

there are moments

there are moments

there are moments
i am reminded, bitterly and completely,
that i love you
i slap patches of other men to my skin, it's not the same
but it helps keep me at least twelve steps away
from my vicious addiction to you
and as with any bad habit,
the very passion between us
turned to poison and

you couldn't stop and i couldn't stop you,
you couldn't stop even when i begged you to,
your unrelenting fervor tore me right in two
and now parts of me will always be
stained in the color of you

Moments - Psy'Aviah


Though i didn't write this , but i can relate to the rhythm..