Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.a yummy photo post

.a yummy photo post

I feel that with most places (with few exceptions coming to mind) it's always not easily possible for a certain restaurant/cafe/joint to offer excellent choices from all categories, which is why i like experimenting with different places in order to narrow down my choices and make it easier for me and my company to enjoy a nice treat and satisfactory service.

In Irbid specifically, you need thorough excavation work to find a decent place that covers your needs at at least one category and from few aspects, if it's not the quality of the orders that is terrible, it's the service, if not that, the atmosphere is dreadfully uncomfortable,, and so on.

One of the very few places that stand out (in my opinion) is a small Café with a very cute and creative name, called Wake Cup, the place serves breakfast dishes, hot and cold drinks, and also desserts.

The first thing that caught my eye was the interior of the place, it's very relate-able to an old pub, with hard wood furniture and floors that gave a cozy yet pleasant feeling.

Another pro to the place is the fact that it is not so popular thus not over crowded 24/7, once any space is overcrowded in Irbid, the owners might as well say their prayers.

Other than that, everything is supper scrumptious and the service is great and the staff is friendly, that gives it a gold star in my book :). 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

.home delicious home

.home delicious home

My mother is guilty as charged for being the reason behind my VERY annoying standards regarding eating Pizza (in particular) outside.

It's the constant thought that circles my mind whenever i enter a Pizzaria or a Pizza serving resturant that aside fro the fact that my mother's is more delicious, I was there when it was made and ii know exactly how it was prepared and baked and who is held accountable for the procecesses and outcome, ok my mother is also responsible for developing this paranoia, somewhat..

But i am not exaggerating or being delusional or even emotional, my mom makes the best Pizza in the world!

There are always exceptions to every rule, there is only one Pizzaria in Irbid that I wouldn't mind eating at on daily basis, mainly because the owner who id also the chef, actually got the recipes and preperation methods from legit Italian Pizzarias, and they prepare the Pizza right in front of you.

But other than that, Papa Jones, Pizza Hut, Dominos, thanks for the stomache aches. :/

Sunday, June 10, 2012

.bigotry level: Arab

.bigotry level: Arab

Not just recently, but for a very long time now, I have noticed that we (as Arabs) were designed to believe that we are the most discriminated against group of people on the globe, we were fed this fact so exaggeratively that when signs of it do surface we become absolutely irrational.

I am not at all denying that it is true, the ignorance of some and the media's exploitation of that ignorance by throwing stereotypes in the air to sprinkle the icings on their minds are backing up that fact like no other. I don't want to run the guilt machine or fish in turbid waters, but call it Karma.

When you start making jokes about how the Jordanian soccer team lost to Japan's because they couldn't tell who's who of offense and defense, when you treat foreign labor workers as if they are lower species designed especially for your service, when you consider people who have a skin tone darker than yours Abeed (slaves), when you hate someone from your own country because you idiot come from another area, then yes, do call it Karma.

Discrimination against any ethnicity/religion is always wrong and unjustified in anyway, but it's like punching people around all day then turning to the legal system because someone poked me. Respect people and treat them fairly in order for that to happen to you.