Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ending ... unplanned !

Ending ... unplanned !

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I've come to believe that the happiest of endings are the ones unplanned , the best of moments are the unexpected and sweetest of things are the ones we gave up on chasing !

Maybe as we plan and worry about something we become paranoid , that any little thing would make us so anxious and so we might fail to get what we want ..

Although this may not work in all cases , but mostly it does !

From now on i'll let my feet walk me to the unknown , i have a good feeling about it ..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sighing out loud

Sighing out loud

In my entire life , I've never allowed ANYTHING to me down no matter how strong it is or how huge it's effect should be , i always get over it with the blink of an eye as if it never happened , because i believe that there's nothing and no one worth crying for , and if there is , they will never let me shed a tear !

Lately I've noticed that I'm getting too sensitive and emotional , anything can put me down and make me feel so blue , i used to care the least before , yet now the hardest thing to is to let slide , I'm getting to fragile to handle the smallest of things and i hate it , as some people intend to make others feel bad to feel victorious , but i can't help it ! i hope i can get out of this sucky mood as soon as possible

Another thing i have promised myself that from now on I'll try my best not to take anything from Deviant art , a while ago i thought the site was alot like a place for stock images , but surprisingly since i joined , i realized how annoying it is to see one's work ripped off , my manips are stupid enough not to get stolen :P but i should feel for the people who are spending time and money on equipments and getting their art work done

so from now on either from stock sites , my own work or known painting and stuff along with providing a source :-o: wa domtom

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Today i had to go to the hospital to check on my eyes due to horrible pain i felt at night , also one looks bigger than the other , yeah yeah yeah , foof's creepy :P in the prescription two eye drops were included : Efemoline and Alomide , went down to the hospital's pharmacists , she gave my mother only one eye drop , , when she asked her about the other one , the pharmacist told her that it's not available here , so we went to another pharmacy after my mother put that eye drop in her hand bag , and as she took a small paper bag from the other pharmacist , she did the same to it .

As i got home , my mom gave me the eye drop we got from the hospital and the paper bag , i noticed that there are two eye drops in it !: Efemoline and Alomide !! O_o then what the hell did she give me ?

Turned out it was an eye drop called : Apihist !

I remembered that time when my doctor told not to trust a pharmacist , although she might know these things better than i do of course , but i can barely trust the ophthalmologist himself :( i fuss over nothing :P but i think it's better

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Bekh :D

ok for reasons i personally can't understand , i deleted my old blog ! :\ but whatever , here's a new one and surprisingly i like this one better

i'm sorry if i haven't added everyone on my bloggers list but it's a bit hard to find all the bloggers now especially that not everyone's on jood list , which is where i got them from :$

Currently i have no idea how to link this to anyone , so meanwhile i'll just put it as a siggy in mahjoob so the mahjoobian bloggers would see it

Cheers !