Thursday, July 24, 2008

iLike : Fair to Midland

iLike : Fair to Midland

Fair To Midland

This band is ( in all means ) a winning combination of all what could impress me in music , when i first heard my favorite song by them " tall tales taste like sour grapes" i realized that i finally found my band ! they're literally amazing ! a mixture of powerful addictive instrumental performance , meaningful strong lyrics and astounding vocals ! Suitable for all tastes :D the music has a metallic feel to it and the vocals are sort of folksy ( in my opinion) .

And here's my favorite song , Enjoy !

Too much patience,

No resistance,

Within shouting distance,

You can hear a blind man's bluff,

Dragging names through the mud and still bitting his tongue,

The devil's in the air and I'm spitting out prayers,

While the ravenous all eat their fill,

Tell me, tell me a story,

Tell me not to worry, or pick up the phone,

So turning, turning a deaf ear,

So that I don't hear them throwing stone,

Too much hogwart,

Not enough hearsay,

Always made the front page,

You could use a fine tooth comb to get a word from the wise,

Would be a welcome surprise,

Keep an ear to the ground so to drown out the sound of the failures that make me whole,

Tell me, tell me a story,

Tell me not to worry, or pick up the phone,

So turning, turning a deaf ear,

So that I don't hear them throwing stone,

These walls don't talk,

Even when somebody knocks,

These walls don't stand,

For anyone else but themselves,

These walls don't fall,

Even when gravity's failing us all,

Tell me, tell me a story,

Tell me not to worry, or pick up the phone,

So turning, turning a deaf ear,

So that I don't hear them throwing stone

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Foof's way to High Key

Foof's way to High Key

If you search for the high key effect in well known Ps tutorials websites you'll probably get a tutorials that shows how to turn a photo to a selective black and white something , anyhow this tutorials is different from the usuals ( i suppose ) as i have figured out the technique on my own , i assume it's high key because it's the closest to it :D

Note : this tutorial works best for images taken indoors with a good amount of natural lightning , could work for anything else though , but best on the mentioned previously

Now let's get down to business *_*

First of all we open our image, i got this picture from stock exchange , here's a quick tip , NEVER get a picture from deviant art or anything displayed on forums as صور التصميم which are taken from DA as well ! because all of those images are edited already and that will will guarantee that they won't sue your butt ^_^

and here's the original image

Now the orignal background layer will have a lock icon on it , click it twice and then click ok as the window appears . sorry i forgot to explain that in a snapshot !

Now your layer is ready , duplicate it by right clicking it > duplicate layer

Next, hide the copy you made as we're only working on it to make the last touches , the hiding is very simple , done by clicking the eye icon on the left , the icon indicates the layers invisibility , make sure the eye is gone :)

Now back to the original layer , click the adjustment layer icon in the bottom of the layers palette , and choose a Gradient adjustment layer *

from the gradients collection choose black and white , then change the blending mode to Color

You will get a black and white picture ^^ now next step is to get the high key effect , a new adjustment layer , Brightness and Contrast

Set the
brightness to 60
Contrast to 80

For the last touch , we're going to make the invisible copy of the original layer visible again , simply by clicking the eye visibility icon , and set the layer's blending mode to Soft Light

We're done ^^
here's the result and the original image

* I have used a gradient layer assuming that many may not have CS3 , but if you do , a black and white layer is easier to use and without changing it's blending mode , this is only for Cs3 users

NoteS : you may use a solid color adjustment layer and set it's blending mode to Color isntead of a copy of the original layer , i have tried this with sepia , not bad !

another thing , you can leave it as a black and white photo once you've set the brightness and contrast , will be good as well

Any further questions i'm here , and excuse me if i'm bad at this =(

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Vanishing Symphony

A Vanishing Symphony

And now , here i am mourning all the melodies that i have locked to death , taking all my strings away , where no one listens but silence .. i want to steal my soul from you to the dimness of nowhere ... your sunshine has blinded my heart

No more counting all your lies , No more waiting for your goodbyes

A Vanishing Symphony by ~SoDoXa on deviantART

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well , in this case ..

Well , in this case ..

الذين ينكرون الحب يصبحون أكثر الناس جنونا حال وقوعهم - المحتّم - فيه


The World Of Fragile Things

The World Of Fragile Things

Oh God how i miss the winter ! as strange as it may sound every time i feel a summery breeze i miss it even more , i remember a teacher of mine who was once asked why she prefers winter among all other seasons her answer was " there's nothing not love!" and that is absolutely correct , everything about it is just amazing so cozy and beautiful , romantic and warm even if it's the coldest of seasons , plus I'm a coats person lol , i want to lose my self in the fog again and kiss sunshine goodbye , it it heals as it kills !

So as i'm craving the chill :D My newest manipulation . not much but i feel like using massive textures again not clean and smudged as always :P natural and better

Please Click Here

The original Image

My Snow White Queen

Snow White Queen by ~SoDoXa on deviantART

If you want to know how this is done (which isn't so amazing) just ask , i don't feel like blabbing for no reason *_* , yet i have discussed this with Naser and we both agreed it might be useful :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The -keep it down- tag

The -keep it down- tag

Tagged by Naser , and in this tag i should post six new secrets about myself , but as i have told naser preciously i have no big secrets to hide , so i guess nothing will seem so interesting :D

1- I sleep with my knees up ! i don't know if this is clear enough or i should elaborate more !

2- Usually as many of my friends know , my favorite music genre is easy listening and i prefer slow songs , somehow after midnight i tend to listen to very loud Mejwez songs , believe it or not !

3- I am very straight :D but female beauty inspires and attracts me more , i suppose i like everything that is tender , or maybe because i am a female , portraits or paintings of or even songs by women astound me as they reflect something within me

4 - I am extremely thin yet people whom i know over the internet always assume that i am VERY chubby , and i'm still trying to figure out the reason that makes them think so

5- I enjoy eating unhealthy food :(

6- I never cry for anyone or anything but my own sadness and depression , i know it is very selfish but i can't help it

so that's it naser :D i guess i'll tag Jood and Muafaq now

Thank you Naser !



Yes I am ! i have left this place for a while due to my tawjihi exams (which by the would be appreciated if not mentioned =D ) then after i was done i neglected this place and to stay on my DA page around the clock which wasn't right sorry bloggy =( ! yet i think the main reason for my return is naser as he brought up the tagging thing , ah remember those days when wedad's blog was still visible to everyone ? LOL .

Many beautiful news from around the sphere as well this in specific is incredible ! congratulations dear Diana to you and your husband , yetrabba b3ezkom ya rab.

So all this blabbing to tell you that i'm back and i suppose i'll be blogging more often m though i doubt anyone will read i have been dead lately and i do not blame anyone for not entering this space , lotsa a dust here i know .

Where's that red carpet ? :P