Monday, October 19, 2009

a glossy, blushy, powedered vent out

a glossy, blushy, powedered vent out

It gets on my nerves how some girls are fond of wearing a crap load of make up on daily basis.
Oh well , what do I know anyway ? I must be just jealous of the fulfillment caused by going out everyday to school/work wearing on what might be considered bridal make up, and then going back home and taking it off ( that IF this happened and they didn't just keep caking on layers) and hate the face i have underneath it !

I'm pretty certain the make up is something feminine, beautiful and makes you look shinier, but i happen to stick to this only when it's applied reasonably.

Everyone is beautiful on their own way, smacking your face with a ridiculous lot of cosmetics definitely isn't one, let alone the long term damage these things cause

I'm done


Saturday, October 17, 2009

All growed up

All growed up

I've always pointed my finger and laughed at "adults" who whined way too much when not getting the proper attention on their birthdays. Apparently, i had to taste my own bitter medicine to know how it feels and it sucks bad when the people you care more about their birthdays than themselves won't even bother do drop a greeting.

I was about to vent out to FML, lol ! Till i stood realizing that i just reached the age where i just grew ruthless , i no longer care .. Actually when i got a big load of messages on Facebook , my only response was : Gifts or GTFO, so i guess it's clear.

The only wish i can make for the days to come is to fall in the least amount of troubles. :\

Friday, August 28, 2009

iBlog, iNeglectMyBlog !

iBlog, iNeglectMyBlog !

Horribly, back for a couple of seconds then away for a couple of decades. And it'll probably happen this time too, school's back in no time, Ramadan's business is here and (not that I'm complaining) our family is getting bigger with more connections now, so Ramadan's feasts are thrice the burden they were last year, but fun while they last.

The main reason i was actually back here and subscribing to blogs :D is being informed that one of my idols in digital art now has her own beautiful space on blogspot ! Check her page at
brilliance !

Also i have to say that the first blog i checked when i landed here was Aladdin's , so fee3 :P

I'm posting this photo here instead of uploading it on my flickr account why ? Because my yahoo mail has been hacked by some sleazy teenage dating site or whatever ! now the only email address i consider formal is ..poof !

Ramadan Kareem to whoever passes by <3

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just to feel it

Just to feel it

Blossom  by Sodoxa

This picture was taken a while ago , February 18th to be exact , it's not new and it's not related to this season in anyway , but posted just to take the mind off the heat ..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hebron-holic

The Hebron-holic

It really is an addiction ! From the sweet dark grapes to the slow tongued locals ..
I guess that by next Monday-Insha'Allah- all the nagging i've been doing will finally pay off and i'll be in my dearest hometown again after more than two years of departing , to some it may not seem so long , but to the Foof it's forever

Wait for me Palestine , I'm coming to spend sleepless nights within your warmth because why sleep and dream when reality is finally as beautiful as it should be :) !

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not to Foof..

Not to Foof..

Zing !

Monday, May 25, 2009



For those having problem reading the comments
the comic was supposed to be larger -btw-

X : You look sad
Y : You look like F*ck

and then you get the change in the facial expressions !

Now folks how about meeting this kind of morons daily , interesting indeed !
Some people have this unexplainable urge to humiliate others , or more likely : to destroy any attempt of the person to feel good about themselves ! As I have mentioned it's not explainable . is it because they don't feel good about themselves , thus , you're not allowed to do so ? Is it because they believe you're not worthy of the feeling ? Is it... It's mostly the human's complicated nature that makes them at the end of the day.. suck !

This thing is actually more common among girls , they - or at least the ones i have been involved with so you won't think I'm generalizing , although I'm intending to- find it very inappropriate , ridiculous and probably outrageous to compliment each other ! If you think all the girls are like the ones you read about or see in comics leading endless discussions about how they like each others' haircuts , you thought very wrong ! Those who actually like things about each other are rare , mature enough to say the truth in the shortest comments possible and by expressing their true feelings .

I could go further and use the (e.g)s but my fingers are getting sleepy , plus then i would be actually giving my time to talk about the morons and i would've passed the point of venting out , which has ended probably two paragraphs ago .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And I hate the way , you walk away...

And I hate the way , you walk away...

Dear ...

This will be one of the many times where I try to tell you something without giving any efforts to be poetic , nice and whatsoever , it will be like the everyday me , straight forward and as the mind thinks the tongue speaks, though it doesn't matter because the odds of you reading this are not worth mentioning !

I hate it when you leave , it just shakes the faith within me, it shakes my faith in the moment before you do because i know in the next i will look around to not find you , it shakes my faith in the happiness i feel when i first see you because i know in the next moment the wind will blow all of this away,l it shakes my faith in my strength because i know that once you're seconds away ,I'll fall apart in no time.

So as I raise this glass to sorrow i would like to take a moment to thank you , because if it weren't for you my dear , i would never know how vulnerable i could be ..!

I hate it when you’re not around,

and the fact that you didn’t call.

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,

not even close…

not even a little bit…

not even at all !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

As i was in the bus , i saw a woman driving a public transportation vehicle
It made me smile..

As i was on that same bus , a guy with ridiculously plucked eyebrows kept staring at me then gave me the wink wink smile
It made me wish that woman had run him over..


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your sky,your sea...

Your sky,your sea...

And for being this , you judge me !
I get judged for over-loving the people i believe deserve it ,, my friends,family or my other..
If you're consumed by a bitter past experience do not bother telling me , I'll try my best not to lend an ear because i can not get paranoid over something i can't even control , thus ruin it ! and because i had experiences probably far worse than yours and still i do not freak people out with endless, tasteless destructive so-called advices

in Foofster's dictionary , the term overestimating does not exist , yes you might think it's wrong, and even i might sometimes! but it will be just a thought that's fading away in no's something can't control.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

إعادَة نَظَر - الشاعر الكبير مظفّر النوّاب

إعادَة نَظَر - الشاعر الكبير مظفّر النوّاب

أنا ما لي أشتــــــــم الحكـــــــــــــــــام ؟

مــاذا ســــــأضـــيف


إذا قلت لها : أنت كنيف ؟!

وإذا ما قلــت للجيـــفه : يا جيــفه، مــا ذا ســوف يــجري ؟ هــل تجيــف ؟!

لا.. كفـــي الحـــكام شـــتما أنهـــم هــم!

وكفــا ني رادعـــا

أن بهـــم يـتــســــخ الشـــتم النظيـــف!

إني أعتـــــــذر ألآن - عن الماضي -

لإ حســـــــاســي الرهيــف

ولســـاني الطـــاهــر الحر العفيــف.

إنني لن أشـــتم الحكــام،

ما شــأني بالحكـــام؟

ملعــون ابو أشــــرفهــــم

إن كان فيــــهم أحــد حقـــا شـــر يـف