Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today, I got the chance to watch one of the most exciting 3D movies ever, Rio!
Overall, i give the the movie a 8/10, the minus 2 is for the predictable ending movie makers apparently love.
Other than that, eye-popping graphics, very interesting story, and my personal favorites : stunning musical and voice acting performances, which is pretty odd for me since the thing I hated the most in Tangled was the music, nothing personal :D The songs were just too long and boring, the samba feel to the songs in Rio however, is enticing ! 

you'll literally be doing this after the movie

(a GIF from the movie)


Rain said...

w ana w ana w anaaaaaaaaaaaaa bedy a7drooooooooooooooooooo :(

Wafa' said...

Saraaah aji akhdek :(
Sami kaman khanek w 7edro, double betrayal lol
bs jd it's an amazing summer welcoming movie, with all honestyy, this made me wish i was in Rio right now !

great movie to watch with friends btw

Rain said...

ma ho ana 3m astanna bil friends bs ma be2balo ye7daro cartoons m3y :(
ehe2 ehe2 T_T

Wafa' said...

ho y3ne kol animation lazem lal zghar ? the scheduled time for it obviously tells it's not for kids

e7kilhom yntazzo w yejo khalas :\

Rain said...

انا كمان مش مستوعبة من وين استنتجوا هاي الفكرة
بس نيفير مايند السبت انشالله وز ماي بيست فرند