Thursday, July 12, 2012

.my celebrity crush

.my celebrity crush

for the time being, of course, I am very unstable emotionally..

It is Donald Glover.

I am not going to be very articulate or thorough listing the reasons why, but I will state a fact that is undeniable by anyone, this man is volcano of talents. It's really depressing to see him not getting the exposure he deserves, but maybe that's because he is not so subject to being scandalous and mediocre.

Now, let's get to why that is..

1- He, (IMO) is -as he best explains it "hot like a parked car, weird like n*gger with a hard R"

2- He is hilarious, and God knows how much I am drawn to people with sophisticated and clever humor. I am not saying this only based on his role in Community as Troy, but based a) the fact that he writes my all time favorite TV comedy series 30 Rock along with Tina Fey, b) going through the outtakes of Community and seeing how he, and the entire cast improvises is impressive, 3) watching his stand up, he is brilliant. He uses many pop culture and modern references but his humor is still timeless and could get to anyone.

3- His music is awesome, period.

I decided to share this video because i think it's brilliant, and the music video is a bit disturbing and seriously unrelated to anything.

4- He is into fashion, I rest my case :).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

.Monsieur Lazhar

.Monsieur Lazhar

Is a stunning film.

I am not saying this merely because I am biased towards French films, but I am saying it because what I have had the privilege to watch was absolute perfection. However, I will rate it 9/10 because that is as nice as I can go.

Everything about it is just different, the events of the production take place in Canada, meaning that it's not heavily reliant on the charm that overcomes one instantly when seeing scenery from French cities, and yet the places are still memorable and the simplicity of them contributes beautifully to a story that is highly complex by consisting of simple details.

The story line is unique, that is the best way to describe it, it is not familiar or predictable, the cast isn't a composition of over-dramatic models, but of absolutely charming people with realistic raw emotions.

What I loved most about it would be the vague connections between any pair or group of people, it keeps the mind interested, and I know I was interested when an approximately 90 minute  movie, passes in what feels like 10 min.

It is so captivating, and sophisticated, it might not interest everyone, but I am certain it will impress most.