Sunday, January 20, 2013

.iLike: my current playlist

An un-mentioned resolution for the new year is to give up hip hop music. The more I get into it the more my already disturbed mind gets soiled. I am not generalizing and saying that all rap/ hip hop music is bad, I will keep listening to some of those who have actual meanings to their songs, but I guess the mistake I have made that I have sacrificed lyrics quality for hypnotizing beats.

Any who, I am really liking these few songs at the moment.

Starting off with miss Lizzy Grant :P I didn't like her songs a while ago but i am growing accustomed to them, this one is my favorite.

Lana Del Rey-Radio

The second one is by the girl who introduced me to the song afterwards, this brilliant girl is the Aussie Bella who surprisingly did not win X-Factor, she's amazing, her voice gives me goosebumps, I am glad she got a record deal though.

Bella Ferraro- Set me On Fire 

And next.... Birdy-Skinny Love 

And last but not least, Adele's Skyfall, I have to admit though Adele sure wasn't the best choice for this song, I still like it though it could have been performed better.