Friday, April 29, 2011

.beauty and it's exact opposite

.beauty and it's exact opposite

This time of the year is usually when the International Communities Fairs are held all over Jordanian Universities, the one in YU started a couple of weeks later than others, but, oh well..

Over-excited ? First time to attend it ever, knowing that I'm junior who also used to make semi-monthly visits to this University before entering it as a student, I always miss it due to being surrounded by jibber-jabber on how unexciting it is and there's a absolutely no reason to waste several minutes of my life there, and this of course, is always followed by the regret of not going after being surrounded of non-stop comments on how beautiful these events are.

Thanking God for sending me a fun friend who's always on the look out for anything new, I got to go check it out.

Generally it's not all bad, the good thing about it is of course the gorgeous cultures and the amazing settings designed and prepared by the students themselves, which is probably why they turned out good since no one who is assigned by any authority jumped in on the process.

Personal favorites : Bahraini Coffee ! Oh my, I stood for a second after the first taste to check if this is real life lol
The looks of Thai food, most of the sections had very delicious looking food, but this one was very varied and colorful, bad thing i didn't have my cam and took the pictures using the cell phone's, obviously awful

Now to the ugly part, OUR contribution to this event ?
Ignorant individuals who apparently breathe idiocy, I can't believe such mentalities get accpeted as university students, life puzzles me
Mocking people from every culture, calling them names in Arabic thinking they wouldn't understand, guess what you imbecile, they speak Arabic better than you ever will.

I'll never know how those people's brains ( if existed ) function, I felt terrible for the students who just want to represent a beautiful image of their countries that they are away from most of the year leaving behind their friends and families, and they ended up having to put up with mere crap.


Amen !






South Korea
(and wrest de Foof)

 United Arab Emirates



Saturday, April 23, 2011



Today, I got the chance to watch one of the most exciting 3D movies ever, Rio!
Overall, i give the the movie a 8/10, the minus 2 is for the predictable ending movie makers apparently love.
Other than that, eye-popping graphics, very interesting story, and my personal favorites : stunning musical and voice acting performances, which is pretty odd for me since the thing I hated the most in Tangled was the music, nothing personal :D The songs were just too long and boring, the samba feel to the songs in Rio however, is enticing ! 

you'll literally be doing this after the movie

(a GIF from the movie)

Monday, April 18, 2011

.wishlist ✰

.wishlist ✰

Constant cravings, and whatnot ..

one of my most important daily activities is stuffing as much Mackintosh Quality Street chocolate pieces into my mouth, I love most of the flavors but my super fav is the Chocolate Fudge ! this is what I imagine heaven tastes like ..

If I could ever send a special request to them it would be to make boxes filled with nothing but pieces of chocolate fudge, I don't feel like being distracted by another piece on my to grab one so enthusiastically :D
the wrapping alone is perfect for your appetite, how pink and pretty  ❤

I want and OWL, yes, a real one ..
I think owls should top the list of God's most awesome creatures, they're mostly underrated or not generally favored and accepted, but that will never change the fact that they are an epic species.
In our middle eastern cultures, the common belief that owls are bad luck and a sign of near possible depression, where do they get these ideas, I'll never know ! When I see an owl (or an image of one) it makes me happy :) so go blame you bad luck on someone else, because these creatures are two awesome to take the blame.
I guess i can postpone working on this wish though lol, I can barely find an owl shaped necklace let alone find an owl to purchase.

And I wish I could see my 2 weeks old  niece, I didn't get to see her in person since she lives so far away, and seeing her pictures made it even harder to stand that fact, and her being so edible is not helping either lol.




Friday, April 15, 2011

.le procrastination

.le procrastination

As it turns out, I need to study 24/7 from now on so i can afford the damage control i'm supposed to do to my average at school, I have slacked off enough, and I need to take action If I'm really considering taking the scholarships seriously.
Thinking about it again, and even though i do have an amazing knack to procrastinate, I think pessimism is what's holding me back, through my life I have come to believe that nothing good is destined to strike me, ever !
It's not a logical nor healthy thing, but looking back at my life, I can't help but jam this thought into my mind even deeper, I try not to, It's deep enough to fight back !
I hope that one day something good will happen, some hard work would pay off, and I'll start believing in something, for once

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.the current addiction

.the current addiction

Beautiful music, a voice to kill for, an amazingly gorgeous and inspiring young woman. She is the British singer/songwriter Adele Adkins, and she is my new addiction.

Introduced to her voice thorough her latest hit Rolling In The Deep , he voice literally stunned me, I had to look up the song in search for the singer behind all that beauty, while at it, I had the privilege to listen to several others by her, apparently the song that blew my mind was just a jewel in her talent crown.

On a completely unrelated note, this was my favorite show when i was a little girl, Madelene

We love our bread
We love our butter
But most of all
We love each other